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Longbenton Community College

Curating Interesting Spaces Project

Using The Rising Sun Country Park as our exhibition space, we worked with with Year 9 students from Longbenton Community College to produce a huge flock of birds which were hung in the trees at the Park. These were photographed, and  the photographs were displayed in the Education Room for two weeks.

At the start of project, we visited the Park with the students and looked at the ‘House of Objects’ creative recycling scheme. This became the inspiration for the bird modelling. We began the project by drawing birds in flight and then transferred the drawings into monoprints and collage. This helped to develop the shapes and movement for the bird sculptures. The final bird models were hung in the trees at the park and photographed by Craig Leng.

As part of the project, the students used their creative experiences to participate in Arts Award (Explore level), which they passed with flying colours!

This project was commissioned by North Tyneside Council and delivered by The Customs House. Our partner in crime on this project was artist David Wilkinson.