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Foghorn Requiem Community Engagement Project

Devised by artists Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway, Foghorn Requiem celebrated the passing of the foghorn from the British Coastal with an ambitious and unique musical performance involving an armada of vessels positioned offshore, the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn and onshore musicians. As part of the community engagement programme, we worked with schoolchildren from Whitburn Village Primary School and Whitburn C of E Academy to produce a set of foghorn and seashell sculptures. Using the ancient art of  scrimshaw as a theme, they embellished their sculptures with drawings of nearby landmarks with special meaning to them. These were included in the exhibition at the Customs House, South Shields, accompanied by a soundscape we produced for the event. Photographs 1,3, 4, and 6 above by Adrian Don, Electric Pics Photography.